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This is my Text deliver Review, The Perfect Mobile Autoresponder Needed For Successful Marketing. Email open rates have continuously declined while text message open rates have continuously improved, ranging anywhere between 90-95% on text messages. Looking at the market it is hard not to accept that even with a market needing an SMS platform, the main stream market has taken advantage of the situation by charging hundreds of dollars in the process. In this regard with TextDeliver SMS an email like autoresponder has been created. Being advertised as 100 times better for SMS, the features applicable are worth the look. This is for the simple reason that the dependency on main stream market becomes redundant, as TextDeliver SMS brings in great support at affordable rates. Below I also talk about how there will be text deliver testimonials after the launch.

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Here the features I discovered after my Text deliver Review.

Automatic list Upload

Ending the need to copy contacts from a secondary location and into the Text delivery platform, one gets to enjoy automatic upload of existing contacts. This is done immediately as and when the download is complete, enabling all to start marketing as soon as possible with the platform.

SMS Integrations

With popular SMS platforms normally used to be considered, text delivery ensures that there is easy integration. In this case integration is flawless with Plivo, Twilio, CallFire, CallRail, Wiggio, Tatango and Trumpia.

Email Integrations

When it comes to the email front, Text delivery SMS integrates effortlessly with popular email applications. You dont have to worry about getting another email application for your devices. In this regard the list in which one is assured of still benefiting from is Constant Contact, GetResponse, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Interspire, SendReach, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, iContact amongst others.

Unlimited subscribers

With the uploading of existing subscribers done automatically, another features that is beneficial is the unlimited subscriber’s subscription option. This allows one to keep on adding and importing subscribers into their account without having to worry about the account crumbling by the amount.

Automatic Message Sequences

When it comes to giving packages and introduce new subscribers to the goods in store, sending out of drip SMS sequences is done. This was no information is left out as all is given to new subscribers in order of what is being offered, thus they know what to expect.

List/ Inbox Management
To ensure there is successful marketing, segmenting of the subscribers according to priority has to be done. With text deliver SMS this becomes possible, by ensuring that dividing into desired target listing is achieved. In addition to that when it comes to inbox management can be done to easily to all conversations in the same manner as the way one does to email inbox conversations.

Analytics performance

Looking through the TextDeliver SMS reviews one of the most outstanding features that one gets is, gathering analytics and basically performance from all campaigns. This includes data and analytics clicks, opens, and click-through rates. In this case one can know what is working and what needs to be changed, to reach target expectations.

Broadcast & Sequences time zones

TextDeliver Sms recognizes time frames in which subscribers are in. In this case when it comes to sending one- off automated SMS and broadcast, it sends them at specifies times where they will not be missed, taking into consideration time zones.

Lead Capture

With visitors visiting the company or business site for the first time, one can be relieved as with text delivery capturing of the phone number or email occurs. This enables one to not only get a potential subscriber, but also the need to have to send email to non-potential subscribers is reduced. In addition to that creation and publishing of customized landing pages tailored, depending on the captured email/ phone number is also done.

Insert in 3rd party templates

A superior feature of text delivery is the fact that is can easily be embedded into 3rd party templates. By simply copying the code and pasting it onto the 3rd party template builder, a new lead is created directed to text delivery.

Keyword Shortcodes Capture

With Text Deliver SMS collection of newer leads into a single short code is possible. With this a simpler way is created that enables sending of specified messages, allowing for one to easily subscribe. In addition one can also get coupon codes, messages and hyperlinks using the shortcodes capture.


Here are my pros after I did the text deliver review.

Hopefully soon there will be a text deliver discount .

• Offers a better version of email autoresponders features for easy SMS text message communication with subscribers

• Automatic sending of drip SMS text messages to all new subscribers joining in showing what is offered and what to expect

• Allows unlimited Subscribers to personal account making it easier to add new subscribers

• With the list management one can easily divide subscribers into manageable target listings according to priority.

• With the keyword shortcode feature sending customized messages to specific number is possible, thus subscription and receiving of messages and coupons becomes easier.

• The time zone detection feature ensures that no subscribers receives messages at unreasonable hours

• With one click sending the same SMS to single/ multiple lists is possible making work easier.

• Easily integrates with popular text message delivery services such as CallRail, CallFi and Twilio

• Manages text message conversations as emails to all subscribers

• No monthly and annual costs are applicable


After my Text deliver Review , Here are the cons I came across.

Reality is that there are very many positives that can be seen by both the features and any text deliver SMS reviews found online. However with the launch yet to happen there are no definite cons found. In this case one has to wait and see, although it is unlikely as it covers all aspects normally expected with SMS platforms.I also dont think that a text deliver discount will be available anytime soon, but we can keep our fingers crossed.

With the launch of text deliver SMS anyone looking to market thorough SMS platform is sure to benefit. With main features such as automatic message sequence to all new subscribers and automatic list uploads of contacts, the main work of having to sort through and search for what should be offered is eliminated. As if that is not enough the SMS integration with popular platforms and email integrations makes it an all rounded platform, which should not be ignored. Looking through text deliver SMS reviews, one point noticeable is there are no cons. In this case starting to use as soon as the launch is complete is advisable, as there are no disappointments expected with TextDeliver SMS. There will also be a few text deliver testimonials that come out soon.


Text Deliver Review